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Shantui Construction Machinery co.,Ltd

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Value leading and win-win service

Shantui focuses on technical innovation and sustainable development all the time. It ranks as one of domestic leading and nearly international advanced manufacturers in research & development capability, manufacturing capability and product quality.
  • Products

    Sales of all whole machines as well as components and accessories of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Sales Network

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  • Spare parts

    Shantui provides faster and more complete after-sales service of Spare parts for customers.
  • Shantui E-Shop

    Shantui E-Shop

    Shantui Official Online Shop
  • Bulldozer

    Shantui leads technical reform of full-series products of domestic bulldozer.
  • Road Machinery

    Excellent compaction performance for smooth road pavement
  • Loader

    The strongest drive power and excavation power solve loading difficult problems for you easily.
  • Concrete Machinery

    Professional supplier of concrete equipment and solution
  • Municipal Machinery

    High performance products meet various special municipal and public demands.
  • Spare Parts

    Shantui provides faster and more complete after-sales service of spare parts for customers.


It is one of the top 50 manufacturers of construction machinery in the world, and one of China’s top 500 manufacturers. 
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    Concise, thorough, proactive and timely.
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    Center on the customer and provide timely and valuable service.
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